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How to clean the red wine cabinet?


How to clean the red wine cabinet?

1. The red wine cabinet should be cleaned regularly (at least once or twice a half year). When cleaning the red wine cabinet, first cut off the power supply and dip the soft cloth in the clean water

Or tableware detergent, gently scrub, and then dip in water to wipe off the detergent.

2. To prevent damage to the coating and plastic parts inside the box, do not use washing powder, detergent, talcum powder, alkaline detergent, Tianna water

Clean the refrigerator with boiled water, oil, brush, etc.

3. When the accessories in the box are dirty and dirty, they should be removed and cleaned with clean water or detergent. The surface of electrical parts shall be wiped with dry cloth.

4. After cleaning, firmly plug in the power plug and check whether the temperature controller is set in the correct position.

5. When the red wine cabinet is not used for a long time, unplug the power plug, wipe the cabinet clean, and open the door for ventilation. After the cabinet is fully dry, close the door.

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