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How much temperature should red wine cabinet set?


1) Suitable temperature, constant temperature

Wine can't be put in a place too cold. Too cold will make wine grow slowly. It will stay in the frozen state and no longer continue to evolve, which will lose the significance of wine storage. It is too hot, the wine is too mature, not rich and meticulous, which makes the red wine over oxidized or even deteriorated, because the delicate and complex wine taste needs a long time to develop. The ideal storage temperature is 10 ℃ - 14 ℃, the widest is 5 ℃ - 20 ℃. At the same time, the temperature change of the whole year should not exceed 5 ℃.

At the same time, it is important to keep the temperature of wine at a constant level. It is better to store wine in a constant temperature environment of 20 ℃ than that of 10 ~ 18 ℃ every day. In order to treat wine well, please try to reduce or avoid drastic changes in temperature. Of course, small changes in temperature with seasons are acceptable. Take the storage of a bottle of second-class French super winery in China as an example. If the air-conditioner in Shanghai is not turned on, the wine will be gradually broken for at most one year; if the temperature is too high in Guangdong, the storage time of wine will be shorter.

2) Suitable humidity, constant humidity

The ideal humidity for wine storage is between 60% and 70%. If it is too dry, put a plate of wet sand for adjustment. The humidity of wine cellar or wine cabinet should not be too high, which is easy to mold and rot the cork and wine label; and if the humidity of wine cellar or wine cabinet is not enough, the cork will lose its elasticity and cannot be tightly sealed. After the cork is dried and contracted, it will cause the air outside to invade, the wine quality will change, and the wine will volatilize through the cork, resulting in the so-called "empty bottle" phenomenon. If there is no proper way to preserve it in the dry climate in the North (such as Beijing), any good wine will go bad in a month.

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